• Stay In.

    Work out.

    With more than 5 million self-employed

    people in the UK, there is an even greater

    need for flexibility in work-out times and

    fitness programmes.


    The notion of the traditional gym as the

    place to achieve fitness goals has already

    shifted. Virtual fitness has arrived.


    EquiPT takes it further.

  • Virtual Fitness goes Further

    Flexibility and Freedom

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    Bespoke Fitness Programmes

    Individual Needs. Individual Plans.

    No person is the same. Training programmes should not be either. No pre-recorded plans or one-size-fits-all packages. Get a programme designed for your circumstances and goals, and delivered at the times that suit you.

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    A Personal Trainer for You

    Match the Trainer

    Whether you work full-time from home as an entrepreneur, designer, consultant, marketing magician, or stay-at-home parent, your needs are unique. A trainer who understands you and your challenges is vital for fitness success. Access to a range of international trainers with a diversity of experience makes it possible.

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    Last Minute Changes

    Manage the Work-Life Balance

    When unexpected work (or life) demands flummox your fitness plans, EquiPT helps you take these in stride. Accommodate awkward intrusions with built-in flexibility and easy alternatives so you never miss out on training.

  • Stay in. Work out.

  • Multi-Camera Angles

    Unique to EquiPT

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    Yoga Posing with Precision

    Perfect Pose

    Project yourself from every angle. Make use of ALL the cameras on everyday devices like phone, tablet and/or laptop.


    Unsure about the angle of your head, the position of your right foot, the placement of your left heel?


    Multi-camera angles provide remote instructors with a comprehensive view, allowing them to thoroughly guide, advise and identify even micro adjustments for advanced poses.

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    Competitive Body-Building

    Masterful Manoeuvres

    Mastery of the mandatory poses can make - or break - your chances in body-building contests.


    Maximise your competitive edge with EquiPT multi-camera angles: remotely train with a professional as they scrutinise your every rotation, recommend improvements or teach the most effective pose manipulations for your physique.


    Record yourself in action and submit these 360-degree videos to your trainer for review. Use split screen options for side-by-side appraisal.


    Learn better. Do better.

  • Your Time is Precious.

    Minutes matter - so make every second count.

  • Frustrations of the Physical Gym

    Membership of a bricks-and-mortar establishment brings its own set of challenges.

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    Phase out the Phone

    Inconsiderate Users

    The hazard of the oblivious gym user who spends more time on the phone/social media than anything else is an excruciating frustration all by itself.

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    Membership Misery

    Shared Facilities

    Tired of wiping off the sweat of other gym members, retrieving weights or tidying up after fellow users who fail to return equipment?


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    Stretched for Space

    Rush Hour

    Too packed to exercise at your own pace? Does the crush of the crowds slow down your training? Do you avoid peak times to escape the frenzied rush?


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    Waiting Woes


    Do some gym users monopolise equipment - while you wait your turn? Not enough machines to go around? Cooled down before you've worked out?


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    Apparatus Agony

    Damaged Equipment

    Is your favourite machine always out of order? Do users mishandle equipment so it needs regular repair? Lack of care causes needless damage and apparatus down-time.

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    Reduce Reflection

    Mirror Monopoly

    Tired of sharing mirrors with hulk impersonators? No room to see past the vain flexing? Is your space filled by gym goers preoccupied with their reflection?

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    Shunt the Grunt

    Work-out Noise

    The animal groans, grunts and unpleasant sounds of those training nearby can be annoying, off-putting or downright disturbing.

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    Travel Tribulation

    Transport Trouble

    Is gym parking a problem? Are travel costs adding up? How long is your gym commute? Ever been clamped or ticketed while working out?


  • Physical Fitness & Mental Health

    A Safe Space Needed

    Many studies show that regular exercise enhances mental health, with

    real benefits not only for well-being and overall mood but also with

    improvements in sleep, energy levels and memory. Physical fitness can

    be effective in managing common mental health challenges, like anxiety

    and depression. Unfortunately, with anxiety on the rise (over 8 million

    cases in the UK), gym fear prevents many from enjoying the gains.



    Gym anxiety is common. Rather than relieving stress, the journey to gym

    can be panic-inducing or downright detrimental. Concerns like these can

    make the physical gym a no-go zone:


    • number of people in the same space (particularly at peak times)
    • comparison culture
    • gender pressures
    • the visceral fear of public scrutiny
    • a lack of confidence performing specific specific exercises, routines or using equipment



  • Social Anxiety Triggers

    What makes the physical gym a no-go zone?

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    Locker-room Nightmares

    Changing/undressing in front of other people or sharing spaces - showers, loos and locker-rooms - can generate enormous distress.

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    Comparison Culture

    It's easy to be intimidated by the confident crowds, people in better shape or the latest gear who seem to stare at or judge your self-conscious efforts to work out.

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    Gym Behaviour

    Anxiety about sweating (and other work-out side effects) around others, participation in group classes, concern about small talk and/or correct etiquette create discomfort.

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